• Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) system can be an excellent replacement for long conveyor lines in a warehouse environment. Rail Guide vehicles using smart high-speed rails that can accommodate a variety of load handling. As an intelligent handling and transport equipment, it can Save time, increase productivity and prevent accidents.

    Model: RGV
    Brand: Perfect
    Load capacity: 5t-500t Optional
    Dimension: Can be customized on client’s need
    Power Supply: Battery power, cable power, busbar power, low voltage rail power optional
    Running speed:1-20m/min
    Operation mode: 24 hours operation

  • Die transfer carts for heavy duty die handling, can be designed into rail and steerable, capacity of 2-500 tons.

    Model: BWP
    Load capacity: 2t-500t Optional
    Dimension: Can be customized
    Power supply optional: Battery powered, cable reel powered, cable drum powered, busbar powered, rail powered, Diesel
    Wheels optional: Rubber wheel, polyurethane, mecanum wheel
    Motors optional: PMAC, AC motors
    Certificate: CE. SGS, ISO, SASO
    Warranty: 2 years
    Delivery time: 30 days-40 days

  • Polyurethane rubber wheel platform cart is a versatile and efficient solution for material transport. Its trackless and polyurethane rubber wheel design allows it to travel on various surfaces.

    Model: BWP
    Load Capacity: 2t-500t can be customized
    Dimension: Can be customized
    Platform cart design: Trackless
    Power supply: Battery power
    Running speed: 1-20m/min
    Certificate: CE. SGS, ISO, SASO
    Warranty: 24 months
    Delivery time: 40 days-50 days

  • Batter power steerable transfer cart is made of sturdy and robust materials, solid rubber wheels run directly on the ground. It is an alternative transfer vehicle to the rail transfer trolley. Overcomes many inconveniences of electric rail material handling cart.

    Model: BWP
    Load Capacity: 2t-500t Optional
    Dimension: Standard size or customizable
    Power Supply: Battery power (Other optional)
    Running speed: 0-20m/min
    Certificate: CE. SGS, ISO, SASO
    Warranty: 24 months

  • Trackless transfer cart for vertical and horizontal movement. Our 2.5 ton scissor lifting transfer cart can meet the requirement of automatic unloading of steel beams by a hydraulic scissor lift system.

    Model: BWP
    Load capacity: 2.5 ton
    Power supply: Battery power
    Running speed: 1-20m/min
    Warning system: Alarm Light+Emergency Stop Button+Laser Scanner
    Customization function: Power display, hydraulic lifting system

  • Steerable transfer trolleys with mecanum wheels offer flexibility, versatility, and safety in material handling. With omnidirectional movement capability, precise control, and adaptability to various industries, they are transporting heavy loads across factory floors, warehouses, and assembly lines.

    Load capacity: 2t-500t
    Dimension can be customized
    Certificate: CE. SIO SGS SASO
    Warranty: 2 years
    Delivery time: Almost 40 working days
    Custom service: Light customization, sample processing, graphic processing

  • Introduction: Heavy duty automatic shuttle coil carrier Agv transport system permit the 380V alternating current get in the electric control system directly and then drive the motor to make it start, stop, move forward and move backward. The cable lies in the middle of the two rails and the working voltage is safe 36V. It can be used in high temperature and explosion proof environment. It’s usually used for short distance transportation.   Application: We produce a wide range of A...
  • Double direction straight line steering wheel move transfer trolley uses lead-acid batteries as energy, control modules as the core control, operating handles and remote control or magnetic strip tracking on the ground as input means, load cargo on the table, and use the steering wheel to guide the direction and the fixed wheels jointly carry the weight, the original power is provided by the motor, the torque is amplified by the reducer and the power is provided to the fixed wheels, the LED s...
  • Description: Heavy load industry ship transport hydraulic-powered transfer cart is a dual-purpose vehicle for high-lift loading and unloading and short-distance transportation. You can raise two cars at the same time, or you can raise and lower them separately. Because the steel coil hydraulic lifting transfer vehicle has good explosion-proof performance and will not produce sparks during the working process, the steel coil hydraulic lifting transfer vehicle is particularly suitable for the ...
  • Trackless transfer platform handling vehicles are composed of the power supply, transmission mechanism, steel structure load-bearing frame, steering system, walking mechanism, control module, and fault diagnosis module.   We offer a wide range of specially designed material transfer carts to meet the unique needs of stamping and forming. These products include mold transport equipment, mold carts, and mold transfer carts, and mold trailer systems. This cart can be run on rail or concrete...
  • Steerable electric trackless transfer vehicle industrial tugger carts are used to move molds, coils or materials between the press room and the mold storage and maintenance area. The advantage of this kind of Steerable electric trackless transfer vehicle industrial tugger carts is that the entire length of the manufacturing facility can be moved, where the mold moved by the crane is limited by the travel distance of the crane, or must be transferred from the crane bracket to the crane bracket...
  • Product introduction: This motorized transfer handling vehiclet is powered by battery, traveling cable, rail, generator, or another way. This series Industrial Railroad Vehicle is able to run between two perpendicular tracks and the car is also could run on L-form track or S-form track or curved track. Also, motorized transfer handling vehiclet is specially designed to cooperate with crane, which has been applied in many factory to transfer conductor or materails from one workshop to another....