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Steerable Transfer Trolley

Batter power steerable transfer cart is made of sturdy and robust materials, solid rubber wheels run directly on the ground. It is an alternative transfer vehicle to the rail transfer trolley. Overcomes many inconveniences of electric rail material handling cart.

Model: BWP
Load Capacity: 2t-500t Optional
Dimension: Standard size or customizable
Power Supply: Battery power (Other optional)
Running speed: 0-20m/min
Certificate: CE. SGS, ISO, SASO
Warranty: 24 months

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What Is Steerable Transfer Trolley


Steerable transfer trolley is also called a trackless transfer trolley, battery-powered (often chosen) vehicle used for moving heavy loads within industrial settings, such as transformers, pipes, dies and mold, metal coils, steel tubes, etc. It utilizes a motor and reducer as its drive system, and it can run directly for smooth movement on the ground with steering wheels. Compared with rail transfer trolleys, trolley with trackless designs can provide flexibility and overcome the inconveniences associated with fixed track systems.


At PERFECT, these electric transfer trolleys are provided implementable solutions, to learn more about how these solutions meet specific requirements, contact us today for more information and technical assistance.


Features for Steerable Transfer Cart


  1. Capacity from 2t up to 500t
  2. Table size can be customized
  3. Robust Sturdy Frame
  4. Battery powered (Also have cable power, busbar power)
  5. Free of maintenance battery/lithium battery/xplosion-proof battery/anti-high temperature battery optional
  6. Optional smart charge and low battery warning
  7. Suitable for various environments. Can be used in indoor or outdoor high temperature,anti-water, anti-dust and explosion-proof environments
  8. Suitable for long distance operation
  9. Omnidirectional: Normal, 90°, diagonal, 360°
  10. Optional wheel types: Mecanum wheel, polyurethane solid wheel,  vulkollan wheel, rubber wheel, super elastic or pneumatic wheel
  11. Customized function: Lifting table, robot arms, weighing, ultra low table, titling, climbing, radar scanning, ferry, etc.
  12. Incidental tools: V frame, roller, rubber plate, aluminum pattern plate, railing, refractories, damped buffer, operating table, wooden table
  13. Control System: Button control and wireless remote control, or PLC system
  14. Safety features: E-stop, dead man stop, buffer, alarm light, etc.


Specifications of Steerable Transfer Cart


Model BWP-5T BWP-10T BWP-15T BWP-20T BWP-30T BWP-30T BWP-50T
Impacted rated load (T) 7.5 15 22.5 30 45 60 75
Structure of frame Steel plates welded, beam structure
Thickness of steel plate 8 10 12 14 14 16 16
Cart weight(T) 4.3 5.3 6.6 7.9 8.8 10 10.5
Max wheel load(T) 2.8 4.6 4.3 5.6 7.7 10 12
Table size (mm) 3000×2000 3600×2000 4000×2200 4500×2200 5000×2200 5500×2300 6000×2300
Height of the whole cart(mm) 450 530 600 600 650 700 700
Ground Clearance (mm) 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
Wheels base (mm) 1500 1500 1700 1700 1700 1800 1800
Axles distance(mm) 2500 3100 3400 3900 4300 4800 5200
Turning radius(mm) 2501 3101 3401 3901 4301 4801 5201
Turning type Turning while driving with no stop
Battery maintaince Free of maintainance
Radar control 3-0.3m Automatic stop for obstacles
Cart color Yellow, grey and warning sign
Warning system Sound and light
Other functions Turning light, night light and power display


Case solution



Our Client Custom Case For You Reference


Custom Steerable Transfer Trolley
Custom Steerable Transfer Trolley

Custom Steerable Transfer Trolley for You


Our steerable transfer trolley advantage
Our steerable transfer trolley advantage


Steerable Transfer Trolley Video for Steel Coil Transport



Steerable Transfer Cart Accessories


Steerable Transfer Cart Accessories Show
Steerable Transfer Cart Accessories Show


Why Choose Us


Why Choose Us


1. What are the advantages of using electric flatbed carts?
Electric flatbed carts offer several advantages, including efficient transport of heavy loads, reduced manual handling, enhanced safety features and the ability to customize them for specific applications.


2. How do motorized platform carts differ from traditional manual carts?
Motorized platform carts are equipped with an electric motor that provides propulsion, eliminating the need for manual pushing and pulling. This improves efficiency, reduces fatigue, and allows heavier loads to be transported.


3. What are the typical applications for electric die carts?
Electric die carts are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to transport molds, dies, and other heavy equipment between workstations, storage areas, and production lines.


4. Can electric scissor lift carts be used for lifting and transporting materials?
Yes, they can be used for lifting and transporting materials. Electric scissor lift carts combine the functionality of a traditional scissor lift with the ability to move, allowing both lifting and transporting materials to different locations within a facility.


5. Are electric material handling carts suitable for outdoor use?
Electric steerable material handling carts can be designed for outdoor use, but it depends on the specific model and its features. For outdoor applications, weather resistance, terrain compatibility and battery life are factors to consider.


6. What safety features should I look for in a steerable transfer trolley?
Safety features include emergency stop buttons, obstacle detection sensors, alarm lights, and robust frame to ensure stability during transport.


7. How can I maintain my electric flatbed cart for optimum performance?
Includes inspecting electrical components, checking for loose bolts and connections, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring that the battery is properly charged and maintained.


8. Can steerable transport trolleys be customized to specific industry requirements?
Yes, trolleys can be customized to meet specific industry requirements. Perfect offers customization options for your steerable transport trolleys. contact us for your indeed need.


9. What factors should I consider when choosing one motorized platform carts?
Factors to consider include load capacity, table size, power supply, terrain conditions, operating environment (indoor or outdoor), power source (battery or wired) and specific features required for the intended application.


10. What power options are available for electric material handling carts?
At PERFECT, you can choose battery power, cable power, busbar power, rail power and diesel.


11. How can I ensure that operators using transport trolleys receive adequate training?
Proper training for operators should include an understanding of the controls, safe loading and unloading procedures, awareness of surrounding hazards and proper maintenance procedures to ensure safe and efficient operation.


12. Can electric flatbed carts be integrated with existing warehouse management systems?
Yes, many electric flatbed carts are equipped with technology that allows integration with warehouse management systems to track inventory, monitor productivity and optimise the flow of materials through the facility.


13. What is the typical load capacity of electric scissor lift carts?

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  • Batter power steerable transfer cart is made of sturdy and robust materials, solid rubber wheels run directly on the ground. It is an alternative transfer vehicle to the rail transfer trolley. Overcomes many inconveniences of electric rail material handling cart.

    Model: BWP
    Load Capacity: 2t-500t Optional
    Dimension: Standard size or customizable
    Power Supply: Battery power (Other optional)
    Running speed: 0-20m/min
    Certificate: CE. SGS, ISO, SASO
    Warranty: 24 months

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