Battery Powered Transfer Trolley
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  • Main Feature:
    Model: BXC
    Warranty: 2 years
    Capacity load: 1-500T
    Table size: Customized
    Power supply: Battery Power
    Working time: 6-8h (Continuous)

  • PERFECT’s lithium battery powered industry track custom transfer cart, also known as cross flat cart, transfer trolley,electric flat cart, have advantages as simple structure, easy operation and maintenance,large load capacity and so on,with which these transfer carts are widely used in machine manufacturing and metallurgical factory matching up with lift cranes to transport heavy objects warehouse across.The rail transfer carts are suitable for various industries, steel mill and factor...
  • Battery Electric Trackless Platform Production Line Transfer Cart is powered by a battery and is equipped with a maintenance-free battery, which reduces the daily maintenance of the trolley. This series of electric flatbed vehicles do not have cables and fixed running tracks, they can turn freely, and through the special design configuration of our company’s technical staff, the turning radius is very small and can even turn in place. The turning process is very flexible, and the layout...