Hydraulic Steering Trackless Vehicle
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  • Trackless transfer cart for vertical and horizontal movement. Our 2.5 ton scissor lifting transfer cart can meet the requirement of automatic unloading of steel beams by a hydraulic scissor lift system.

    Model: BWP
    Load capacity: 2.5 ton
    Power supply: Battery power
    Running speed: 1-20m/min
    Warning system: Alarm Light+Emergency Stop Button+Laser Scanner
    Customization function: Power display, hydraulic lifting system

  • Description: Heavy load industry ship transport hydraulic-powered transfer cart is a dual-purpose vehicle for high-lift loading and unloading and short-distance transportation. You can raise two cars at the same time, or you can raise and lower them separately. Because the steel coil hydraulic lifting transfer vehicle has good explosion-proof performance and will not produce sparks during the working process, the steel coil hydraulic lifting transfer vehicle is particularly suitable for the ...
  • The customized aluminum material handling hydraulic trolley cart can run freely without the need of external power supply and external power, mainly through the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil to achieve the lifting function, which can make the aerial work area wider and more efficient. The car has four front and rear hydraulic cylinders to help lift the cargo. The hydraulic lifting rail carriage has a strong load-bearing capacity and can carry heavy goods, and there are many power sup...
  • Foundry industry electric platform hydraulic lifting trackless trolley is special equipment suitable for high-altitude operations. It can be used on many occasions. It can be customized for rail cars and trams according to requirements. Its scissor-type mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have high stability, wide working platform, and high load-bearing capacity so that the working range of high-altitude operation is larger, and it is suitable for multiple people to work at the sa...
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