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Self Propelled Scrap Steel Transfer Trolley

Scrap steel transfer trolley is a robust, rail-mounted material handling solution designed to efficiently transport scrap steel on industrial sites.

Load capacity: 1-1500t customized
Dimension: Can be customized
Power supply: Battery/Cable/Busbar/Rail optional
Control system: Push button pendant, remote control, operator platform mounted on cars
Running speed:20-30m/min
Application: Metallurgy, refining lin, steel plant, smelter…

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There are two main modes of transportation for the transfer of bulk scrap in steel plants: one is car transportation, which has a small single transportation volume, requires a large number of vehicles and is not very efficient; the other is railway transportation. Vehicle transportation, that is, traditional rail-type scrap steel transport vehicles, rail transport vehicles are characterized by smooth operation and large single transport volume. However, traditional rail-type scrap steel transport vehicles still use the operation mode of locomotive traction. The traction locomotive is connected to the scrap steel truck and drags the scrap steel to walk on the track. The scrap steel itself has no moving power device.


In iron and steel enterprises, the quantity ratio of traction locomotives and scrap steel vehicles is generally one-to-many, that is, one locomotive serves multiple scrap steel vehicles. Scrap vehicles will inevitably have to wait after loading, and transportation efficiency will not exist. Limitation, if one traction locomotive serves one scrap steel vehicle, the cost will be too high.


With the rapid development of the social economy, the steel output of steel companies is also increasing year by year, and the demand for scrap steel in steelmaking is also increasing. This requires vehicles not only to have a large carrying capacity but also to be highly flexible in organization and scheduling. Due to the nature of the industry, the traditional locomotive traction operation mode no longer meets the needs of development, so self propelled scrap steel transfer trolleys emerged at the historic moment.


How Scrap Steel Transfer Trolley Work


Power supply system and electrical control system of self propelled scrap steel transfer trolley are installed at the bottom of the vehicle frame using bolts. Their function is to provide energy and control for the operation of scrap steel transfer trolleys. Trolleys can receive wireless signals to perform actions such as walking and braking without manual operation and according to the established organizational scheduling procedures. It operates intelligently and unmanned throughout the entire process.


Advantages of Scrap Steel Rail Transfer Cart


  1. Rail transfer cart has power, so there is no need to wait for the locomotive to pull it, and it operates unmanned, improving the transportation efficiency of scrap steel trucks.
  2. Rail Transfer cart design structure is steel welding box beam cart body, anti-high temperature.
  3. Rail Transfer cart is designed with full consideration of the maintenance convenience, operational reliability and safety of each component.


Features of Scrap Steel Rail Transfer Cart


  • Anti-high temperature: Scrap steel rail transfer cart is engineered with a robust design that includes anti-high temperature features. It makes it suitable for applications such as steel mills and foundries where extreme heat is commonplace.
  • Scale system: Featuring a built-in scale system, this transfer cart allows for accurate and real-time monitoring of the weight of the scrap steel being transported. This integration enhances precision in material handling and facilitates effective inventory management.
  • Special design scrap basket holder: Scrap steel rail transfer cart comes equipped with a specially designed scrap basket holder, optimizing the secure transportation of scrap steel materials.
  • Run on rails: Designed to run on rails, scrap steel transfer cart ensures a stable and controlled movement along predefined tracks.
  • High Usage Frequency (18-24 Hours Working): Scrap steel rail transfer cart is built to withstand continuous operation, offering a high usage frequency of 18-24 hours of non-stop working. This reliability makes it an ideal choice for industries with continuous production processes, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity.
  • Sensor Device: Equipped with sensor devices, scrap steel transfer cart enhances safety and efficiency during operation. These sensors contribute to obstacle detection, ensuring a secure working environment by automatically identifying and responding to potential obstacles along the cart’s path.


Application of Scrap Steel Transfer Trolleys


Scrap steel transfer trolleys are designed for a variety of applications across the industrial sector and are specifically tailored to streamline the movement and handling of scrap metal. The main applications include


  • Steel mills: Facilitate the efficient transport of scrap materials within steel mills.
  • Foundries: Facilitates the movement of scrap metal within foundries.
  • Automotive manufacturing: Assists in the handling of scrap steel generated during vehicle manufacturing.
  • Shipbuilding yards: Assists in the transport of scrap steel within shipyards, facilitating the assembly and construction of ships and offshore structures.
  • Metal recycling facilities: Optimizes material handling processes in recycling plants.
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing: enhances the movement of large, heavy steel components during the manufacture of heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Rail industry: Supports the handling of steel scrap in railway holding yards.
  • Mining operations: Facilitates the transport of extracted metal ores or minerals within mining facilities.
  • Power plants: Support the movement of steel components used in the construction and maintenance of power generation facilities.
Application of Scrap Steel Transfer Trolleys
Application of Scrap Steel Transfer Trolleys
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