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Coil Transfer Trolley

Battery powered coil transfer cart supplier, we can produce battery operated, cable, busbar or rail powered optioanl types, rail and trackless designs.

Load capacity can be customized
Dimension can be customized
Optional power supply
2 years warranty
Is certified by ISO, CE

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What is Coil Transfer Trolley


A coil handling equipment, also known as coil car, coil handling cart, coil transport cart, coil transfer cart, different from flatbed coil carriers, is typically designed with a V frame or U frame and is used to handle and transport coiled materials, such as rolls, metal coils, steel coils, aluminum coils, paper rolls, and other cylindrical objects. At Perfect, load capacity can be customized up to 1500 tons. which is ideal for handling relatively light coils and large coils. These carts usually come with a set of rollers or wheels that allow them to move easily along factory floors or other surfaces. Some carts are also equipped with special features such as lifting functions, robotic arms, turntables, or clamps that allow them to securely hold and manipulate rolls of material. Material handling equipment is a more cost-effective solution than other equipment such as forklifts, and our transfer carts can be designed to handle a wide range of roll sizes and weights or can be customized to meet the specifics of application requirements.


Coil Transfer Trolley for Coil Handling
Coil Transfer Trolley for Coil Handling


Main Feature of Coil Transfer Trolley From Perfect


  1. Load capacity can be customized up to 2t to 1.500t
  2. Optional table dimension
  3. Optional power supply (Battery/ Cable reel/ Cable drum/ Busbar/ Low voltage rail)
  4. Optional working method (Rail or Trackless)
  5. Box girder structure cart frame (No deformation)
  6. Customized features: Lifting, Weighing, Rail turntable, Titling, Climbing, Ferry…
  7. Optional control system: Radio control /Remote control/ PLC
  8. Safety system: LED flashing lights, Sound acoustic devices, Radar scan, E-stop, Deadman stop, Buffer, etc.
  9. Speed up to 30m/min
  10. Two carts can be linked together in tandem for transporting higher-capacity loads.


Types Of Coil Transfer Cart


As a professional transfer carts supplier, PERFECT offers a variety of transfer vehicles to move steel coils and other cylindrical objects. Our motorized transfer carts have 6 basic configurations for power delivery: battery power rail transfer cart, cable reel transfer cart, cable drum transfer cart, busbar power transfer cart, rail power transfer cart, and battery power trackless transfer cart. Perfect also offers AGV and RGV for handling large coils of material. They are a valuable tool for any company that regularly handles large volumes of roll materials.


Battery power transfer cart: Heavy loads can be moved along rail tracks with ease thanks to the adaptable and effective battery power coil transfer cart on rail. Because it runs on batteries, it is both suitable for indoor and outdoor use and environmentally friendly. This coil cart guarantees the safe and efficient transportation of coils and other heavy materials in a variety of industrial settings thanks to its robust construction and cutting-edge technology.


Battery power coil transfer cart

Model: BXC

Power supply: Battery

Capacity load: 1-1500t customized

Table size: Can be customized

Ground clearance: 50mm/70mm

Rail Inner gauge: 1200-2000mm customized

Wheelbase: 1200-7000mm adjustable

Working time: 6-8h (Continuous)

Running Speed: 0~25m/min

Radar scanning: Customized

Control mode: Button / remote control


Cable reel transfer cart: This cart is powered by by dragging cable. It is suitable for occasions where the running distance is not long (less than or equal to 20 meters), It is a common transfer vehicle used for short-distance transportation in workshops, the frequency of use is high, and the vehicle height is low. To avoid cable wear, drag chains can be installed for protection.


Cable reel coil transfer cart

Model: BTL

Power supply: Cable reel

Load Capacity: 1-1500t adjustable

Table size: Customized

Ground clearance: 50mm/75mm

Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm

Wheel base: 1200~7000mm

Running speed: 0~25m/min

Running distance: ≤50m

Control mode: Button / Remote control /PLC


Cable drum transfer cart: This cart is powered by the retracting and unwinding device of cable drum. During operation, the cable reel automatically rolls up or pays out the cable. Affected by the power supply length of the reel, the general running distance is less than 200m.


Cable drum coil transfer trolley

Model: BJT

Power supply: Cable reel

Load Capacity: 1-1500t adjustable

Table size: Customized

Ground clearance: 50mm/75mm

Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm

Wheel base: 1200~7000mm

Running speed: 0~25m/min

Running distance: ≤50m

Control mode: Button / Remote control /PLC


Busbar power transfer cart: This cart is a rail flat cart powered by a busbar. It directly introduces the AC 380V safety trolley wire into the AC control system of the flat cart to control the start, stop, forward, backward, etc. The movement of the flat cart drives the slider of the safety busbar to supply power to the flat cart. For safety and convenience, a cover plate can be added to the trench, and the power supply in the trench can be introduced into the transfer cart through an automatic flipping device. The operating system is controlled by a low-voltage 36V power supply!


Busbar power coil transfer cart

Model: BHX

Power supply: Busbar power

Load Capacity: 1-1500t adjustable

Table size: Customized

Ground clearance: 50mm/75mm

Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm

Wheel base: 1200~7000mm

Running speed: 0~25m/min

Running distance: Unrestricted

Control mode: Button / Remote control /PLC


Rail power transfer cart: This cart connects the AC 380V power supply to the AC 36V two-phase through the transformer and connects them to two tracks respectively. The wheels on the rail transfer cart introduce the AC 36V power supply on the track into the vehicle’s electrical box, and the AC 36V is rectified through the rectifier module. to DC 36V, and then control the DC motor through the DC control system to start, stop, move forward, backward, adjust speed, etc. These flat carts can run on S rails and arc rails.


Rail power coil transfer cart

Model: BDG

Power supply: Low voltage rail

Rail type: 3 rail (1-500 t adjustable) /2 rail(Load capacity ≤50t)

Transformer quantity: 1

Load Capacity: 1-1500t customized

Table size: Customized

Rail inner gauge: 1200~2000mm

Wheel base: 1200~7000mm

Running speed: 0~25m/min

Control mode: Button / Remote control /PLC option


Battery power trackless coil transfer cart: This electric transfer cart uses lead-acid batteries as power supply, button control and remote control as the input means, the table loads the goods, the steering wheel guides the direction and carries the weight together with the fixed wheel, and the reducer is used to amplify the torque and provide power to the fixed wheels, the LED sound and light alarm are used as the work and warning sign, and the smart charger is used as the external power input. At Perfect, you can get hydraulic steering transfer carts for handling coils.


Model: BWP

Power supply: Battery

Battery maintenance: Free of maintenance

Capacity load: 1-500t option

Table size: Customized

Wheel: Polyurethane solid wheel

Ground clearance: 50mm

Running Speed: 0~25m/min

Charger function: Automatic charging

Turning type: Turning while driving with no stop

Radar control :3-0.3m. automatic stop for obstacles

Operation method: Wire or wireless remote control

Warning system: Emergency Stop Button, alarm lamp

Control mode: Button / remote control /PLC


Applications of Coil Carts


Electric Transfer Trolley For Coil Handling
Custom Transfer Trolley For Coil Handling


Steel and metal processing: In steel mills and metal processing facilities, coil carts are extensively utilized for moving steel coils, galvanized coils, aluminum coils or hot coiled rolls from one stage of processing to another. Moving coils from the processing line to the shipping area or from the storage area to the processing line is one example of this.

Manufacturing: Coil carts are used to move coils to various locations on the production floor in manufacturing facilities that use coils as raw materials. This can involve transferring completed goods to the shipping area or coils to the cutting or stamping area.

Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, coil carts are frequently utilized to manage steel or aluminum coils that are utilized in the production of car parts. Coils are moved to the stamping and forming areas, where the metal is formed into pieces like body panels and chassis components, using these carts.

Construction: Coil carts are used in the construction industry to move coils of wire, cable, and other materials that are needed for building projects. Coils are transported to the building site and other locations on the site as needed using these carts.

Warehouse: To handle coils of different materials, coil carts are also utilized in warehouses and distribution centers. Coils can be moved to different areas of the warehouse as needed, or from the storage area to the shipping area, using these carts.

Paper industry: Coil carts are utilized in the paper and pulp industries to move big rolls of paper or pulp from one stage of the production process to another. This can involve transferring rolls from the printing or cutting area to the packaging area, or from the cutting area to the storage area.

Textile industry: Rolls of yarn or fabric are moved from one stage of the production process to another using coil carts. Moving rolls from the storage area to the knitting or weaving machines, or from the machines to the area for finishing or packaging, is one example of this.


Custom Design For Coil Handling Equipment


Coil transfer carts come with various product options and components to make them more efficient and effective. Some of the product options include:

Custom functions for coil transfer trolley
Custom functions for coil transfer trolley
  • V-frame: Coil transfer cart is stabilized and supported by this frame design, which guarantees the safe and secure transportation of large loads.
  • Scissor lift coil cars design: This feature makes it simpler to load and unload coils onto the cart by raising and lowering the load.
  • Ferry: A specialized attachment known as a ferry enables the coil transfer cart to move coils over obstacles like water.
  • Turntable: Coil transfer cart’s turntable feature rotates its load, making it simpler to maneuver in confined spaces.
  • High temperature resistant: With this option, the coil transfer cart can function in places with high temperatures, like foundries or steel mills.
  • Safety features: To guarantee safe operation, coil transfer carts come with several safety features like warning lights, safety rails, and emergency stop buttons.
  • Automatic charging systems: These systems enable continuous operation without manual intervention by allowing the coil transfer cart to automatically recharge its batteries.
  • RGV system: The coil transfer cart can move along a fixed track with the help of the RGV for handling coil (Rail Guided Vehicle) system, which guarantees accurate and consistent movement.
  • Variable speed controls: By allowing the operator to modify the coil transfer cart’s speed, variable speed controls guarantee a controlled and seamless movement.


Coil Transfer Cart Videos



Coil Transfer Cart Price


The size and capacity of the cart, the materials used in its construction, and any extra features or customization options can all affect how much a coil transfer cart costs. Coil transfer carts typically cost between a few thousand and tens of thousands of dollars. When assessing the cost of a coil transfer cart, it’s critical to take into account the particular requirements of your application as well as the features necessary for effective and secure coil handling.


Coil Carts Project Cases


Bangladesh Busbar Power Transfer Cart For Pipe Handling

RGV for Coil Handling

Cambodia Coil Transfer Trolley With Rail Turntable


Why Choose Us


Own Brand — PERFECT has its brand.

Quality Certified — All material handling equipment is certified by ISO, CE, etc.

Good Reputation — More than 5500 manufacturers and 100 distributors customers spread over 60 countries.

Good  Feedback —  Our more than 5500 clients are all satisfied with our transfer carts and our service.

Transfer Trolley Supplier
Transfer Trolley Supplier


Coil Transfer Trolley – The FAQ Guide


This FAQ guide contains just about everything our customers need to know about coil transfer trolleys.

You can find answers to several questions you may have about coil handling cart before contacting us.


What is a coil handling cart?

A coil transfer cart is a material handling equipment designed to transport heavy loads, like coils, rolls, or cylindrical objects, in industrial settings such as steel plants, shipyards, warehouses, paper industry, and manufacturing facilities.


How does a coil transfer cart work?

Coil transfer carts from Perfect typically operate on rails or trackless, powered by battery, cable reel, cable drum, busbar or rail. They are equipped with wheels or rollers to run movement and can be controlled manually (button control ) and automatically (wireless remote control).


What are the different types of coil carts available?

At Perfect, coil transfer carts come in various types, you can get AGV carts, rail guided vehicle coil carts, battery powered carts, cable powered carts, busbar powered coil cart, rail powered coil car, and hydraulic carts, you can receive custom one coil cart on your specific applications and environments.


What industries typically use motorized coil handling carts?

From our customer cases, industries such as steel plants, automotive, paper mills, and heavy machinery production commonly use motorized coil transfer carts to transport heavy loads.


What are the benefits of using coil transfer carts in manufacturing processes?

Coil transfer carts can expedite production workflows, minimize material damage, lower labor costs, increase workplace safety, and improve material handling efficiency.


How can a coil transfer trolley improve efficiency in material handling?

Coil transfer carts save time and effort when handling heavy loads by enabling them to be moved safely and smoothly. This boosts productivity when it comes to material transportation tasks.


Are coil transfer trolleys customizable to specific needs?

Yes, we are a China coil transfer trolley manufacturer, your carts can be customized in terms of load capacity, dimensions, power source, control system, and additional features to meet your requirements for different industries and applications.


What safety features should I look for in a coil transfer cart?

To ensure safe operation and protect both personnel and materials, key safety features include bumpers, emergency stop buttons, rail clamps to prevent derailment and alarm light.


What is the load capacity of coil handling cart?

You can get a coil handling cart that comes in a variety of models and configurations that can accommodate weight capacities ranging from 2 tons to 1500 tons.


What are the dimensions of coil transfer carts?

Coil transfer cart dimensions can vary greatly based on load capacity, available space, and requirements for a particular application. In addition to custom dimensions to meet specific needs, standard sizes are also offered.


How do I choose the right size of coil transfer cart for my application?

The size and weight of the loads to be transported, the amount of space available for maneuvering, and any unique operational requirements all play a role in selecting the appropriate coil transfer cart size. The best size for your application can be determined by speaking with us.


How durable are coil carts?

To ensure long-term durability and dependability, coil transfer carts are usually built from sturdy materials like steel, with reinforced frames and components made to withstand heavy loads and harsh industrial environments.


What maintenance is required for coil transfer carts?

Coil transfer cart longevity and optimum performance depend on routine maintenance, which includes lubricating moving parts, and inspecting wheels, bearings, and electrical components. Maintenance schedules may change based on usage and outside factors.


Do coil carts come with warranties?

Yes, you can get a 2-year warranty from PERFECT.


What is the typical lead time for ordering a coil transfer cart?

The lead time for ordering a coil transfer cart can vary depending on factors such as customization requirements. For Perfect coil transfer cart supplier, generally, 40 days are ok, if you need a complex design for the cart, almost need 60 days.


How do I install and commission a coil transfer cart?

We understand your needs, you can get a coil transfer cart with modular installation,  a professional video and manual will be sent to you, at last, our overseas engineers will come to the site to help with assembly, guidance and debugging.

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  • Batter power steerable transfer cart is made of sturdy and robust materials, solid rubber wheels run directly on the ground. It is an alternative transfer vehicle to the rail transfer trolley. Overcomes many inconveniences of electric rail material handling cart.

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