What type of transfer cart do we offer?
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What type of transfer cart do we offer?
Date: 2022-11-24

According to the different conditions of the handling field, the transfer cart is divided into different power supply types: electric transfer cart, non-powered transfer cart, and diesel-powered transfer cart; among them, the electric transfer cart can be subdivided into battery-powered transfer cart, cable reel-powered transfer cart, tow cable-powered transfer cart, slip wire-powered transfer cart, and rail-powered transfer cart.

Depending on the handling object and functional requirements, transfer cart can be divided into coil transfer cart, ladle transfer cart, hydraulic lift transfer cart, transfer cart with rollers, side-turning dumping transfer cart, climbing transfer cart, explosion-proof transfer cart, RGV, AGV, S-type rail transfer cart, turning transfer cart, turntable rail transfer cart, cross rail transfer cart, rail inspection cart, etc…

At the same time, there are standard customized models and non-standard customized models of our transfer carts. For special handling objects, we can provide professional customized solutions according to the actual size and needs.

Because of its flexibility, ease of operation, low maintenance, and other advantages, the truck is very popular in the industrial field of handling, after all, a remote control reduces labor costs, but also low-cost complex handling of the transfer car is really very convenient, improve the efficiency of handling, but also in improving the automation of industrial heavy lifting process.

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