What are industrial transfer carts used for?
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What are industrial transfer carts used for?
Date: 2022-11-18

As a new type of industrial transfer cart, with the flexibility, smoothness, and safety of handling, as well as low transfer costs, low maintenance costs and energy saving and environmental protection, sturdy and durable, etc., it has become one of the important handling tools in the field of industrial handling. The handling environment needs of industrial transfer carts are relatively low, whether in high temperature and pressure or wet handling field, the transfer cart can carry out normal handling work and Can be controlled by a remote control handle, is easy to operate, can carry a wide range of objects, the transfer car also has strong customizability, can meet a variety of needs, almost applicable to all types of industries.

Transfer Cart Application Industries.

Perfect Transfer Cart Factory offers professionally customized industrial transfer carts that are perfect for a wide variety of applications and industries. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your application.


Factory warehouses & workshops (goods, raw materials, semi-finished products, parts, machinery and equipment, transformers, plastic tubes, shop workpieces, etc.)
Production and processing lines (assembly lines, handling loops, conveying systems, etc.)
Foundry industry (shaped molds, castings, injection molds)
Shipbuilding industry (shipyards, repair, assembly, container transport)
Metal industry (steel liquids, billets, steel plates, coils, steel pipes, steel structures, ladles, scrap, steel water, aluminum products, coils, precision pipes, baking houses metal parts, boilers, gas tanks)
Construction industry (bridges, simple buildings, precast concrete parts, concrete columns, concrete blocks, marble slabs, tunnel handling, plates)
Oil industry (oil pumps, pumping rods and parts)
Energy (polysilicon, generators, windmills)
Chemical industry (electrolytic cells, distillers, polypropylene, polyester bundles)
Mining industry (coal)
Military (military equipment)
Railroad (railroad maintenance, railroad welding, train tractors)
Agriculture (grain, crushing chambers, flour mills)
High-temperature sites (brickworks, kilns, refractory plants, ceramic plants, roasting plants)
Livestock industry (farms)
Manufacturing assembly
Aerospace industry
Vehicle manufacturing
Factory automation


Depending on the handling field, the handling environment and the objects to be handled, as well as the investment budget, the transfer car can be chosen from the fixed track or trackless trucks that can rotate in all directions; or battery-powered The transfer car can also choose battery-powered transfer car, cable coil-powered transfer car, slip wire-powered transfer car, rail-powered transfer car, diesel-powered transfer car, etc. In addition to these, the transfer car can be customized with different table sizes, additional devices and additional functions.


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