The Principle Of Steering For Trackless Transfer Cart
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The Principle Of Steering For Trackless Transfer Cart
Date: 2024-05-11

Trackless transfer trolley is different from rail transfer cart, it can drive on any surface without having to consider purchasing, laying, and maintaining tracks, which greatly reduces costs. Then, to realize the flexible turning, transfer cart is equipped with a special steering mechanism, which is usually composed of an electric motor and a bogie. 


Basic Concepts about Trackless Transfer Cart Steering


The electric motor drives transfer trolley forward, while the bogie controls the direction of the cart. The staff controls the bogie to reverse the steering of trackless transfer cart by operating the wireless remote control. 


Two Decisive Factors about Trackless Transfer Cart Steering


The key factors that determine the direction of trackless transfer trolley are steering angle and steering torque


The steering angle is easy to understand. It means that the operator controls the angle of the bogie according to the direction he wants, allowing its mechanical gear to rotate, thus changing the trajectory of transfer cart. The wheels can turn flexibly with a small turning radius according to the instructions.


The steering described above is simply wheel rotation. To truly change the direction of  electrical cart, the operator must also properly adjust the position of the bogie to ensure that the applied torque can overcome the inertia generated by the cart’s travel, especially when our trackless transfer trolley is carrying heavy loads. If a certain amount of torque is not applied, transfer cart may continue to travel straight ahead, resulting in a steering failure. The principles of running are the same as ours. When you run forward, if you want to turn, not only need to turn your feet to the left or right but also need to use your body to control the arc of the turn to avoid the influence of inertia.


Process of Trackless Transfer Cart Steering


In short, the steering principle of the trackless transfer trolley is very simple, but it is very important to the operation of transfer cart. After we load the cargo onto the workbench, we use the handle to guide the direction, the motor provides power, the fixed wheels jointly carry the weight, and the reducer amplifies the torque. Through the combination of the above functions, the steering of trackless transfer cart is facilitated.

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