50 Ton Steerable Trackless Transfer Cart For Mold Handling
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50 Ton Steerable Trackless Transfer Cart For Mold Handling
Date: 2024-05-14

Client Profile


Customer demand that efficiently and safely transport heavy-duty molds in the workshop, reducing time costs and consumption of rail laying. We recommended this BWP trackless transfer trolley, which can adapt to a variety of different working conditions and provide customers with reasonable and hassle-free handling solutions.


Technical Parameter of Trackless Transfer Trolley


  • Model: BWP-50T
  • Table size: 5500*2500*650mm
  • Manufacturer from China: Perfect
  • Custom load capacity: 50 ton
  • Power supply: Battery power
  • Transfer trolley design: Trackless transfer cart
  • Control system: Button control and remote control


Introduction of Trackless Transfer Trolley


  • Trackless transfer trolley is divided into the power supply, transmission mechanism, steel structure load-bearing frame, steering system, traveling mechanism, control core, and troubleshooting of the seven plates.


  • We choose batteries, cables, and generators as the power source of steerable transfer cart, and provide power to the traction motor through the power control system. The reduction mechanism adopts a KAB/87 series double spiral bevel-hardened gear reducer. The high-level automated gear reducer is paired with a high-quality motor to successfully realize the functions of starting, stopping, forward, backward, steering, and 360-degree rotation of trackless transfer cart.


  • Upgraded with a thickened steel plate, trackless trolley has a flat and hard table surface that won’t deform easily and can be customized to carry loads up to 500 tons. For heavier loads, steerable transfer cart can also provide flexibility, reducing labor costs and optimizing manufacturing processes. Suitable for use in a variety of industrial sectors: machine building, shipyards, automotive, aerospace, power generation, paper mills, metal processing, etc.


  • PERFECT uses a double hydraulic slewing support steering mechanism device and an automated walking mechanism, which are perfectly combined to allow the industrial truck to drive freely on flat ground. Through extensive professional research and based on current market demand, PERFECT has achieved the goal of allowing trackless transfer cart with a smaller turning radius to complete straight ahead, retreat, S-curves, C-curves, and 360-degree in-situ rotation without a preset path. Trackless transfer cart is free from the constraints of rail transfer trolley and can rotate freely without guide rails, which makes the space utilization more reasonable and the material handling process more efficient.


  • Heavy-duty industrial cart adopts a PLC AC differential control drive system, equipped with wired and wireless remote control button manipulator, realizing full remote control. Automatic trackless transfer cars are equipped with safety devices. In the process of material transportation, the cart will automatically alarm and stop if it encounters any pedestrians or obstacles. The charging equipment is equipped with a 35A/48v intelligent charger.


  • Electric-powered transfer trolleys are low-noise, non-polluting, and will not damage the ground. PERFECT company is a certified preferred manufacturer of green and energy-saving electric handling equipment, and all the equipment has been tested for environmental protection and energy saving. Our trackless transfer trolley can also be equipped with auxiliary devices, such as positioning devices, clamping devices, lifting platforms, etc., which can meet the needs of different occasions.


Company Profile


PERFECT products have passed the industrialization integration management system, intellectual property management system, ISO9001 quality system, CE, SASO, and SGS certification. PERFECT’s products have obtained 3 invention patents, utility model patents more than 40. The favorite choice of 20,000 high-quality companies, we provide one-to-one tailor-made planning and configure refined design plans for each user.

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