20 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart For Oil Drill Pipe
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20 Ton Trackless Transfer Cart For Oil Drill Pipe
Date: 2024-05-13

Technical Parameter of Trackless Transfer Cart


  • Model: BWP-20T
  • Table Size: 6000*2000*650mm
  • Manufacturer from China: Perfect
  • Custom load capacity: 20 ton
  • Power supply: Battery power
  • Transfer trolley design: Trackless transfer cart
  • Control system: Button control and remote control


Client Profile


BWP-20T trackless transfer cart is customized for our customer’s manufacturing plant.

The customer’s use environment is to transfer oil drill pipe inside the factory workshop. BWP transfer trolley is equipped with tooling guard bars on the tabletop, which perfectly avoids the problems of pipe slipping and damaging and is more efficient compared with ordinary transfer trolleys.


Key Features of Trackless Transfer Cart


  • The flexible steering mechanism of BWP trackless transfer cart can realize the functions of forward, backward, turn, and 360° in-situ rotation, greatly improving material handling efficiency. With large load capacity, long service life, and a stable platform that is not easy to deform, PERFECT can customize the size and load capacity for customers to meet your needs in all aspects.


  • It is powered by a lead-acid maintenance-free battery, which is safe, and effective, and the cost of labor maintenance is greatly reduced. Electricity-driven trackless transfer carts have no environmental impact, low noise, and are more environmentally friendly. BWP trackless transfer trolleys have good climbing functions and are suitable for all kinds of flat hardened floors (cement floors, epoxy floors, tarmac surfaces, etc.), which greatly improves the material handling efficiency and saves the labor cost and the construction cost of rail.


  • The four corners of BWP transfer cart are designed with rounded corners to avoid knocks during operation, and it is also equipped with advanced safety detection and anti-collision systems to ensure staff safety. Around transfer cart, we have also installed safety alarm lights and emergency stop buttons to further ensure a safe production environment.


  • Speed regulation is also a major advantage of BWP transfer cart, we can provide customized running speeds of 1-30m/min, so that material handling in the warehouse can be more agile. Even in confined workspaces, S-curves and C-curves are no problem for us.


  • According to customer feedback, just need to press the remote control can operate trackless transfer trolley, which makes material handling more technological and humane. The company has gained a better reputation and expressed its willingness to cooperate with us in depth. Whether it is machinery manufacturing, mold handling, heavy industry manufacturing, construction handling, airports, warehouses, etc., PERFECT can provide you with your material handling solutions!


  • The professional handling of trackless transfer carts has raised the standard of people’s demand for handling products, and its flexibility, versatility, safety, and adaptability are more in line with the needs of the current market so that more space can be utilized, the cost can be reduced, and the production is more efficient.


Material Handling Solution


Intelligent, automated mode of operation, so that it continues to exceed the existing shortcomings of logistics and transportation, to quickly meet the needs of material handling. Flexible turns and a higher level of professionalism make PERFECT a good helper for your warehouse solutions!

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