80 Ton Mold Turntable Cart For Mold Workshop
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80 Ton Mold Turntable Cart For Mold Workshop
Date: 2024-02-20

Transfer cart supplier: PERFECT

Model: BZP mold turntable cart

Custom load capacity: 80 Ton

Power supply: Cable

Transfer car design: Rail turntable

Location of use: Automobile factory mold workshop

Material handling: Transportation of automobile molds


Install rail turntable cart
Install rail turntable cart


What is A Mold Turntable Cart


A mold turntable cart is a specialized piece of material handling equipment made to move heavy loads like molds used in manufacturing. Usually, it’s a level platform on wheels or a track with a turntable rotating in the middle. The cart’s 360-degree rotation makes it simpler to maneuver through obstacles and into small spaces.


Large molds are routinely moved between stages of production in industries like automotive manufacturing, which makes mold turntable carts a common tool. They are also employed in other sectors of the economy where the safe and effective transportation of large loads is required.


How To Custom Mold Transfer Cart


A custom mold transfer cart involves tailoring the cart to meet specific requirements, such as load capacity, size, power supply, and control systems. Here are the steps to customizing a mold transfer cart:


  1. What is the load capacity: To guarantee secure and effective transportation, the load capacity of the mold cart should be greater than the maximum weight of the loads.
  2. Dimensions: Consider factors such as width, length, and height to ensure that the cart fits through doorways and around obstacles.
  3. Power supply optional: Take into account variables like the frequency of use and the availability of power outlets. At PERFECT, you can select battery (automatic charging optional), cable reel, cable drum, busbar, low voltage rail power, or hydraulic power sources.
  4. Control system optional: You can get a button control, remote control, rocker wireless remote controller, or PLC system. Consider factors such as operator comfort, ease of use, and safety features when choosing the control system.
  5. Additional Features: At, PERFECT supplier, you can add a lifting function, rollers, rollover, anti-rollover, scanning radar, climbing, turntable and ultra-low table, etc. You can contact us for your needs.
  6. Custom service: At PERFECT, you can get light customization, sample processing, and graphic processing.
  7. Review the design: Verify that the custom cart’s design satisfies your needs and specifications by reviewing it. Make any necessary alterations or revisions before completing the design.
  8. Manufacture your mold cart: Once the design is finalized, PERFECT factory will fabricate the custom cart according to the specifications. All transfer carts are produced by supporting the traceability of raw materials.
  9. Install and test mold cart: Once the cart is fabricated, it will be installed in the manufacturing facility and tested to ensure that it operates safely and efficiently. Quality control conducted on all production lines; Inspection of all products, Random inspection, According to client’s requirement, 4 QA/QC inspectors.


Mold Turable Cart 80 Ton Project cases


A hydraulic company purchased a mold turntable transport cart 80 ton in 2021, which manufactures hydraulic presses, forging equipment and accessories, machine tool control cabinets and electrical boxes. Mechanical and electrical products (except automobiles), forging equipment, electrical appliances, wires and cables, hydraulic pipe fittings, hardware tools, heating equipment, metal materials, and building materials.



Challenge For Mold Workshop


The use of our mold cart mainly solves the supporting transportation problems of automobile molds and transports goods. This mold turntable cart is suitable for the automotive industry and large equipment factories.


Material Handling Solution


Before installing the turntable, our client needed to dig a hole to reserve the position for the turntable. This location is at the turning point of mold transportation. The turntable trolley can be installed and transported in 360 degrees. very convenient. 80 ton turntable trolley can be used in various industries to replace forklifts, cranes and manpower, which can greatly save materials and manpower, thus saving resources for enterprises.


Results From Automobile Factory


As per the feedback from our client, cable power rail mold turntable cart has demonstrated excellent performance in its mold workshop. Delivered significant cost savings and resource optimization to A Hydraulics Ltd. This innovative solution not only improves the company’s operational efficiency, it also improves workplace safety by reducing reliance on manual labor and heavy machinery. He had ordered two battery trackless transfer carts in 2023 for his automobile factory. This investment not only benefits the company’s bottom line but also positions it as an innovative leader in the industry.

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