20 Ton Rail Transfer Trolley For Cable Bobbin
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20 Ton Rail Transfer Trolley For Cable Bobbin
Date: 2024-05-22

Technical Parameters of Cable Drum Transfer Cart


  • Model: BJT-20T
  • Table size: 3500*2500*550mm
  • Custom load capacity: 20 ton
  • Power supply: Cable drum
  • Running distance: 30m
  • Running speed: 0-20m/min


Client Profile


Because the customer mainly uses it for the transportation and inspection of cable bobbins, a motorized roller device is installed on the table of cable powered transfer trolley. When heavy duty industrial cart transports the bobbins to the testing workshop, the rotation of roller will drive the bobbins to carry out the corresponding inspection operation.



Cable drum power rail turntable transfer cart 10T from this video is testing on customer;s factory from Perfect material handling equipment manufacturer.

Features of Rail Transfer Cart for Material Handling


  • Load capacity: 2-500 ton
  • Low requirements for rail construction
  • Can be operated on C-rail or S-rail
  • Suitable for high frequency and uninterrupted working environment
  • Explosion-proof and temperature-resistant for a wide range of applications
  • Equipped with a variety of additional devices for wider use
  • Speed can be adjusted, excellent performance, long service time
  • Simple structure, low price, easy to maintain


Introduction of 20 Ton Cable Powered Transfer Trolley


Rail transfer cart has a simple structure, mainly divided into a motor, reducer, cable reel, wheels, control box, frame, scanning radar, remote control, and alarm lamp. V-frame, roller frame, hydraulic lift, and other additional devices can be added to provide personalized customized service.


  • Motor: Low-speed high-power operation, smooth start high driving force.
  • Reducer: Hard tooth surface reducer for flat car, high transmission efficiency, smooth operation.
  • Cable reel: The principle of hysteresis coupling ensures that the speed of rewinding.
  • Wheels: Wheels are special wheels for cranes and the material is ZG55, overall quenching, and the wheel tread.
  • Control box: Protect performance is accurate and reliable, and safely stops under emergency conditions.
  • Frame: The frame is a box beam structure, and not easy to deform, its appearance is beautiful.
  • Scanning radar: Small size, lightweight, with self-inspection function, using multi-echo technology, IP67 protection class.
  • The remote control: It is an imported remote controller from Sweden, with high quality, long remote control distance.
  • Alarm lamp: The shells are manufactured by high quality imported raw materials, have bright color, and good penetrability, and will not fade for a long time.


The operation of cable reel transfer cart is mainly powered by the cable drum. We collect and release the cables evenly through the winding device installed under the cart so that the 380V AC power can be supplied to the traction motor through the cable to drive transfer cart to start smoothly, move forward, backward, adjust the speed, and other operations.


Mold rail transfer trolley adopts a magnetic coupling cable drum, which can ensure that the cable is not subject to force and that the speed of the drum winding and releasing the cable is always synchronized with the speed of the equipment so that the cable can be wound and released evenly. If the running distance is more than 50m, cable powered transfer cart can be fitted with a cable collector to help with cable winding up to a maximum running distance of 200-400m.


Company Profile


20 tons cable drum transfer cart with an electric roller device is equipped with a leakage protection switch, overload protection, and emergency power-off control button, it is usually used in warehouse transportation, the steel casting industry, the construction industry, railroad, shipyard, etc. PERFECT is committed to the production of all kinds of transfer carts, focusing on handling equipment for more than 20 years, and the products are sold to more than 90 countries and regions. We can provide you with specialized technical support, and enthusiastic pre-sale and after-sale service to meet your customized needs.

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