Why Are Trackless Transfer Cart More Convenient Than Rail Transfer Cart
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Why Are Trackless Transfer Cart More Convenient Than Rail Transfer Cart
Date: 2024-05-08

Trackless transfer cart is a great invention, makes the transportation operation realize the maximum degree of freedom and flexibility, and get rid of the constraints of rail on the transfer cart. More and more factories choose trackless transfer cart for material transportation in workshops because of its simple structure and easy-to-operate performance. Trackless transfer cart can turn to any direction and move on all kinds of roads and yards without thinking about the problem of laying tracks on the floor, which saves a lot of time and makes the cost of material transportation greatly reduced.


What is trackless transfer cart

PERFECT has developed an innovative new range of trackless transfer trolley that can be fitted with a PLCcontrol system. This series of trackless transfer cart can be operated remotely by remote control to automate and improve the efficiency of logistics to meet the needs of factories, machinery manufacturing, warehouses, ports, stations and airports.


Key paramenter of trackless transfer cart

Applicable Industries Warehouses, Airport, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant,Construction works
Power Feeding Automatic intelligent charger
Brand Name Perfect
Table size Customized
Type BWP
Certification CE ISO SGS
Button Control Type Remote Control or PLC Control Mode
Capacity 1300T


Function of trackless transfer cart

Because of the small turning radius of trackless transfer cart, it can realize 360-degree in-situ rotation, which makes the transport operation faster and more convenient. Meanwhile, collision avoidance systems and emergency stop mechanism give priority to the safety of workers and prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace, which guarantees the transportation safe and reliable.


The user-friendly PLC control system, which can realize fully automatic operation, also makes transfer trolley more flexible and more efficient. According to the user’s needs for operation, the electric trackless transfer trolley can also add other auxiliary devices such as positioning devices, clamping devices, lifting platforms, etc. 


Trackless transfer cart has been used in many enterprises, they are satisfied with the quality of cart, performance, environmental protection requirements! For more information about Trackless Transfer Cart, please contact us.

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