What is a rail transfer cart?
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What is a rail transfer cart?
Date: 2022-12-24

Rail transfer carts often referred to as rail carts, rail trolleys or rail material carts, are ideal for manufacturing facilities and rail networks. Designed for industrial handling applications, rail transfer carts are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. These rail transfer cars are used to move large amounts of equipment or specialized machinery on rails. Rail transfer carts are available with handling capacities up to 1500 tons capacity.



Industrial Rail Transfer Carts – Load Transfer Made Easy.

Perfect Transfer Cart Factory manufactures industrial rail transfer carts that are ideal for steel mills and manufacturing facilities that need to move large molds of steel plates, materials or welded structures such as tanks or vessels. Easily transport loads between buildings with Perfect industrial rail transfer carts. Our design is suitable for high-capacity solutions, but we can offer smaller capacities for customers moving lighter loads. Each cart is equipped with a standard steel deck and a parking brake mounted on one wheel.


Perfect Industrial Rail Transfer Carts

If you are moving fabrication and materials back and forth in a warehouse or large manufacturing facility, then the Perfect Industrial Rail Transfer Cart is the perfect choice for you. Perfect for handling heavy loads, such as steel plates or welded structural-shaped molds. Move materials from one location to another easily, safely and efficiently.


Customized Solutions.

Perfect Transfer Cart Factory custom solutions include track wheelbase, wheel size, low profile or higher deck height to meet specific requirements. We can also provide specialized hydraulic power solutions for slowly driving loads at walking speeds and integrated remote control systems, as well as different methods of powering systems including, but not limited to, batteries, cable wires, cable reels, slip wire… Contact Perfect Transfer Cart Factory to learn more about our custom solutions.

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