What is a motorized transfer trolleys?
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What is a motorized transfer trolleys?
Date: 2022-12-16

Transfer carts are available in a variety of capacities.

No two transfer carts are the same …… unless you purchase two identical carts, so it is difficult to list standard features. Perfect Transfer Cart Factory specializes in designing and manufacturing transfer carts to meet your specific application needs. We use our years of experience to provide you with the best in quality, reliability and affordability. The following is a list of commonly requested features.

Commonly requested features

Steel platform design (suitable for adding your specific tools/fixtures)
Wood, flat deck
Deck-mounted auxiliary lifting mechanism
Tie-down shackles
Double or single-flange steel wheels for running on floor-mounted rails
Polyurethane flat tread wheels for running on concrete floors
Traction bars, pivot rings, forklift tubes
Fully enclosed battery-powered system with charging unit
Travel limit switches, proximity sensors and semi-automatic controls
Indoor/outdoor applications

Motorized Transfer Trolley Advantages

Operation on hardened surfaces without obstacles.
Intelligent charging with automatic alarm after charging
Audible and visual warning light, turn signal, power indicator.
Automatic stop when pedestrian or obstacle is detected
Structural parts are made of Q235B rolled steel plate, 1.5 times load design, 1.25 times load test.
Emergency stop button.
With conventional electrical protection: over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, overheat, grounding, leakage and other protection devices.
Automatic tracking, automatic stopping.

Transfer Carts Uses.

Transfer trolley is suitable for various occasions in industry (steel mills, steel structure steel pipes, steel pipes, steel billets, steel ladles, steel coils, etc.) from one place to another; paper roll mills: transferring paper rolls spray painting workshop: workpiece transfer to spray painting room); other industries: shipbuilding, quarrying, warehouses and multiple workshops. For material transfer, electric transfer trucks have been widely used in this field.

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