What are the advantages of rail transfer carts?
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What are the advantages of rail transfer carts?
Date: 2022-12-07

Rail Transfer Cart is a simple, safe, and easy-to-operate heavy-duty material handling solution to navigate through industrial facilities. Rail Transfer Cart is a world-leading powered transfer cart that not only reduces the risk of material damage but also reduces the stress on industrial personnel, ultimately increasing production speed and productivity. Our railed transfer carts offer several power supply options including batteries, slip wire, trailing cable, and cable reels.


Advantages of rail transfer carts

High handling capacity: Rail transfer cars are ideal for transporting large, heavy, and fragile items in the industry.

Easy to operate: The rail transfer car can be controlled automatically or by handle control or remote control without the need for specialized personnel, making it easy to learn to operate.

Safer: The rail transfer car is loaded and unloaded on a customized fixed track route that does not interfere with operations outside the loading and unloading area, making it safer and more convenient.

High stability railcar: rigid track installed on the ground and the smooth running of the trolley itself make the handling of the trolley more stable than other handling methods.

Indoor and outdoor rail transfer trolley: Rail transfer trolleys can be operated indoors and outdoors according to the handling requirements, and the handling environment is not restricted.

Stronger automation: the fixed route of the rail transfer trolley prompts the trolley to complete the scheduled handling task independently, without the need for dedicated supervision and control.

Rail transfer carts are perfectly suitable for narrow spaces: the rail transfer trolley only needs to run on the fixed track on the ground and does not need other space outside the track and aerial working devices and spreaders to complete the handling task in narrow space.

Complementary and independent: Rail transfer trolley can be attached to the transfer trolley platform with other equipment and functions to undertake handling tasks alone, or combined with other handling machinery such as cranes and forklifts to increase efficiency.

Customize the transfer cart deck material to meet your specific application, including support wood, smooth or corrugated steel, or composite decking.

Optional removable material bollards/load-securing bars.

Customizable to add ergonomic features, including lifting, tilting, and swiveling.

Dynamic acceleration at variable speeds depending on application requirements.

Front and rear laser detection sensors to automatically slow or stop any person or obstacle transfer vehicle.

Fully customizable: customize the deck size to meet your specific application, with platforms ranging from 4 feet to over 25 feet and capacities of up to 500 tons

Radio remote control: remote control within a certain range.


If you have industrial material handling needs, you can send your handling needs to Email: market@perfte.com, we customize professional heavy material handling solutions for you.

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