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Key Features Custom Coil Transfer Cart Should Have
Date: 2024-01-18

Coil transfer carts are essential to the material handling processes of industries that handle heavy coils. The advent of battery-powered technology has revolutionized these carts, making them more flexible and maneuverable. As a supplier of coil transfer carts, we understand the important role customization plays in tailoring solutions to the specific requirements of each industry.


Battery power coil transfer carts
Battery power coil transfer carts


Customization In Battery Powered Coil Transfer Carts

A one-size-fits-all approach often fails to meet the diverse needs of an industry. Customization can address unique challenges and optimize battery-powered coil transfer carts to maximize efficiency. With a customized solution, these carts can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, contributing to a more streamlined material handling process.


Adaptability To Industry Requirements


Electric coil rail transfer cart

Incorporating battery powered coil rail transfer carts improves adaptability by providing precise, controlled movement. This feature ensures the accurate transport of materials within the industrial environment.



Parameters of custom transfer cart on rail

Model BXC-2t BXC-20t BXC-50t BXC-100t BXC-150t
Rated Load(t) 2 20 50 100 150
Length(L) 2000 4000 5500 6500 10000
Width(W) 1500 2200 2500 2800 3000
Height(H) 450 550 650 900 1200
Wheel Base(mm) 1200 2800 4200 4900 7000
Rail Inner Gauge(mm) 1200 1435 1435 200 2000
Wheel Diameter (mm) 270 350 500 600 600
Running Speed (m/min) 0-25 0-20 0-20 0-20 0-18
Motor Power(kw) 1 2.2 5 10 15
Battery Capacity 180 180 330 440 600
Battery Voltage 24 48 48 72 72
Running Time When Full Load 4.32 4 3.3 3.2 2.9
Running Distance for One Charge(km) 6.5 4.8 4 3.8 3.2
Recommended Rail Model P15 P24 P43 QU100 QU100


Battery powered flexibility

Battery powered coil trackless transport carts offer unmatched flexibility. This feature is especially beneficial in dynamic industrial environments where the carts need to move around different work areas without being restricted to fixed rails.


Parameters of battery power trackless transfer cart for coil handling


Model BWP-2T BWP-10T BWP-20T BWP-30T BWP-50T BWP-63T BWP-150T
Rated load (T) 2 10 20 30 50 63 150
length(L) 2000 3600 4000 4500 5500 5600 10000
Width(W) 1500 2000 2200 2200 2500 2500 3000
Height(H) 450 500 550 600 650 700 1200
Wheel Base (mm) 1200 2600 2800 3200 4200 4300 7000
Wheel Diameter(mm) Φ270 Φ300 Φ350 Φ400 Φ500 Φ600 Φ600
Ground Clearance (mm) 50 50 50 50 50 75 75
Motor Power (Kw) 1 1.6 2.2 3.5 5 6.3 15
Battery Capacity(Ah) 180 160 180 250 330 400 600
Battery Voltage(V) 24 48 48 48 48 48 72
Running Time When Full Load 4.32 4.8 4 3.5 3.3 3 2.9
Running Distance for one Charge(Km) 6.5 7.2 4.8 4.2 4 3.6 3.2
Max Wheel Load (KN) 14.4 42.6 77.7 110.4 174 221.4 265.2


Durability in handling steel coils

Durability is an important aspect, especially when handling heavy materials such as steel coils. Custom battery-powered coil transfer carts are designed for robustness and strength, ensuring long life and reliability even in harsh industrial environments.


Safety Features For Added Protection


Safety is a top priority in material handling operations. Custom battery-powered coil transfer carts must be equipped with advanced safety features to protect both personnel and materials during transport.


Emergency stop button

In the event of an emergency, the cart will instantly stop moving to prevent accidents and respond quickly in critical situations.


Collision avoidance sensor

Detects obstacles and prevents collisions, thereby avoiding accidents during transportation and enhancing overall safety.


Audible alarm

Alerts personnel and nearby employees in critical situations, further increasing safety awareness in the workplace.


Automatic braking system

Ensures a controlled and safe stop in the event of a sudden stop, minimizing the risk of accidents and property damage.


Material Handling Efficiency


Efficiency is a key factor in determining the success of a material handling process. Custom battery-powered coil transfer carts should be designed with features that contribute to overall operational efficiency.


Adaptability to industry requirements

Customization ensures that the cart meets specific industry requirements, taking into account factors such as load capacity, size constraints, and the nature of the material being transported.


Flexibility with battery power

Battery-powered technology provides the flexibility needed to adapt to changes in production set-ups and layouts and to move between different work areas.


Durability in handling steel coils

The robust construction and materials used in custom carts are well-suited for handling heavy steel coils, contributing to increased service life and reliability.


Choosing the Right Coil Transfer Cart Supplier


When selecting a custom battery power coil transfer cart, it is important to select a supplier you can trust. You can trust Perfect Transfer Cart Manufacturer, at Perfect, we adhere to industry standards, provide comprehensive documentation, and offer prompt customer support. Choosing the right supplier will contribute to the overall success and reliability of your custom battery power coil transfer cart.


In conclusion, custom battery powered coil transfer carts with the features outlined provide a tailored approach to material handling, ensuring adaptability, safety, and efficiency. As a supplier of coil transfer carts committed to providing first-class solutions, we emphasize the importance of customization to meet the unique needs of each industry. By incorporating these key features, you can optimize your coil handling processes and contribute to a more productive and safe work environment. Contact us today for your coil transfer trolley.


FAQ about Custom Battery Power Coil Transfer Carts


Which industries benefit from custom battery power coil transfer carts?


Custom battery power coil transfer carts are versatile and benefit a wide range of industries, including automotive, steel production, and manufacturing. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of material handling needs.


How do battery operated coil trackless transfer carts increase flexibility?

Battery-powered coil trackless transfer carts offer unmatched flexibility because they are not limited by fixed rails. They are ideal for industries with dynamic production setups because they can easily adapt to changing work environments.


Are custom battery-powered coil transfer carts suitable for handling steel coils?

Yes, custom battery driven coil transfer carts can be specifically designed to handle heavy loads such as steel coils with durability. Their rugged construction ensures long life and reliability even in harsh industrial environments.


What safety features do I need in a custom battery-powered coil transfer cart?

Custom battery-powered coil transfer carts should be equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, anti-collision sensors, audible alarms, and automatic braking systems for added protection during material transfer.


How do I select the right supplier for my custom battery powered coil transfer cart?

Choose a supplier like Perfect that complies with industry standards, provides comprehensive documentation, and offers prompt customer support. Your satisfaction, our pride!

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