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Automatic Guided Vehicle
Date: 2024-01-17

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) fulfill a variety of material handling requirements in different sectors. They are ideal for moving heavy loads such as parts, finished goods, and raw materials in production facilities and warehouses. AGVs are excellent for moving containers, cartons, and pallets. With their precision and versatility, AGVs optimize inventory management, improve material flow, and ensure on-time delivery. They provide a versatile answer to material handling needs, reducing manual labor, eliminating errors, and increasing overall operational efficiency. Among the AGVs, the Rail-Gunneled Vehicle (RGV) is also a hot seller at Perfecto. To meet your unique industrial material handling needs, our RGVs can be customized with payload capacity, table size, power source, travel direction, hydraulic lift, robotic arm, and more. If you are looking for the perfect fit for your industrial load, contact Perfect. Material Handling Solutions.



What is an AGV Automated Material Handling Vehicle


In regulated environments, materials and items can be moved and transported by automated guided vehicles (AGVs) without the assistance of a human operator. AGVs are frequently used in industrial environments such as warehouses, factories, and distribution centers to automate material handling operations.


AGVs are equipped with a variety of sensors, navigation systems, and control mechanisms that enable autonomous navigation and task completion. These vehicles can follow a planned route within a facility or use real-time navigation. They can work with other automated systems and machines, or detect and avoid obstacles while moving through challenging environments.


AGVs can use a variety of technologies for their navigation systems, including lasers, vision systems, magnetic guidance and, in outdoor applications, GPS. Through wireless communication with a central computer or centralized control system, the vehicle is given directions and instructions. This control system allows the operator or supervisor to schedule jobs, track the AGV’s location, and monitor and manage its operation.


Depending on its design and configuration, AGV PERFECT can transport a variety of payloads, including pallets, containers, and single objects. Forks, conveyors, and robotic arms are just a few examples of handling devices that can be added to assist in loading, unloading, or moving operations.


Automated Guided Vehicle Parameter


Capacity load 5t-500t Customized
Dimensions Can be customized
Carrier type Platform type
Drive form Steering wheel drive
Guide control Magnetic strip
Running speed 5-35m/min
Working direction Forward/Backward/Turn/Lifting/Straight arc driving
Communication method Industry WIFI
Power supply Lead-acid batteries/ lithium battery
Charging Automatic/Manual
Operation mode 24 hours operation
Positioning accuracy ±10mm
Stop accuracy ±10mm
Safe induction range ≤3m adjustable
Grade ability ≤3%
Design life ≥10years
Warning type Voice alert+Light alarm
Security Radar scanning+Emergency button+Edge switch double protection


Advantage of AGV


AGV adopts a wireless remote control control and can move in all directions. It can be used for heavy loads, precision assembly, transfer, and other links. It does not have high requirements on the ground and will not damage the ground. The control side is convenient and simple and can be expanded at fixed points. When used in conjunction with other assembly equipment, it can achieve obstacle avoidance and alarm functions to ensure safe production. It can replace the traditional manual handling work method. It can not only greatly improve the working conditions and environment, and improve the level of automated production, but also effectively liberate labor productivity, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce staffing, optimize the production structure, and save manpower, material, and financial resources.


AGV handling robots have low requirements for the use environment and can be used in factories, roads, and other conditions. Maintenance is convenient and fast, and the overall cost of use is low, requiring only charging fees. Customized in most specific cases, tailoring products to customer needs. For example, if a factory needs to be raised or turned over, or various things need to be installed, it conforms to the laws of physics and can generally be achieved.


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