40T Electric Trackless Transfer Cart
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40T Electric Trackless Transfer Cart
Date: 2024-07-10

Trackless flat electric cart can be applied to any complex heavy transport workplace, such as space equipment transportation, warehouse transportation and material handling. it has a carrying capacity of 40 tons, and after 5-6 hours of charging, trackless transfer cart can constantly work for 4-5 hours at fully loaded status. According to your need, speed can be adjusted from 20m/min to 30m/min. because of trackless, transfer carts can freely travel through any form of workplace. in general, it can simplify all your complex transportation work and is also a sign of energy conservation and environmental protection.


Features OF Trackless Transfer Cart

  1. Can be customized from 2t to 500t
  2. Certified by ISO9001and CE
  3. Indoor and outdoor application
  4. Button Control, Remote Control, or PLC Control Mode
  5. Customized handling solutions
  6. Updated facilities and productive factory;
  7. Move on the cement floor and ground
  8. Able to turn 360 degrees.
  9. Frame design depending on the transport task


Advantages OF Trackless Transfer Cart

Transfer cart is fixed with PU rubber wheels, giving it three hundred sixty-degree rotation. it is also equipped with hydraulic lift table, fixing device and clamp(device), which can assist in the operation. Besides, safety instrumentation automatically detects barriers that ensure safety in the workplace.


Trackless flat electric cart uses lead-acid batteries as their energy source. It is operating the control module through the handle and remote control, to achieve various functions of the trackless electric cart.


Parameters of Trackless Transfer Cart

Model 5T 10T 15T 20T 30T 45T 60T
Rated Load(T) 5 10 15 20 30 45 60
Table Size(mm) 2500*1500 3000*2000 3200*2000 4000*2000 5000*2200 6000*2400 6000*2500
Height(mm) 600 700 750 750 800 850 950
Wheel Quantity 4 6 8 8 12 12 12
On cement floor Tire Specification 305*165 559*254 559*356 22*9-10 22*9-10 22*10-16 22*14-16
Tire Material Polyurethane Polyurethane Wheel Polyurethane Wheel Polyurethane Solid Wheel Polyurethane Solid Wheel Polyurethane Solid Wheel Polyurethane Wheel
Frame Material Q235 Q235 Q235 Q235 Q345 Q345 Q345
Speed(km/h) 0-20 0-20 0-20 0-15 0-15 0-15 0-10


Custom Transfer Cart For You

Trackless transfer cart consists of an electrical source、transmission mechanism、steel structure load-bearing frame、steer system、traveling mechanism、control module and a fault diagnosis module, it can be equipped with a PLC control system to achieve fully automated control. Moreover, the dimensions and heights of the table can be designed according to your needs. You can receive one trackless transfer cart from Perfect as your needs in table size, load capacity, logos painted, power supply and control method.


If you have an inquiry about transfer cart, you can contact us today. Perfect is one of leading manufacturers of industrial transfer carts, which has 20 years’ of manufacturing and exporting experience. Now we have a series of heavy duty transport cart, such as AGV, RGV, rail transfer cart, trackless transfer cart, rail turntable, track inspection vehicle, lift platform, etc.

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