What are Transfer Carts?
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What are Transfer Carts?
Date: 2022-10-24

Transfer carts are heavy load handling cars that can be produced with rails, autonomous mobility, battery-powered, cable drums powered, busbar powered, or wireless energy feed, depending on the need, the carrying capacity of which can be increased up to 1000 TON. These systems have been developed especially for the transport of heavy loads within the industrial business.


Perfect Transfer Cart Company, produces industrial transfer carts for the heavy load transfer needs of industrial enterprises.


Industrial Transfer Carts Solutions for Your Needs


Perfect Transfer Cart Company offers different transfer carts handling solutions according to the different handling needs arising from the operation and production capacity of industrial plants. The transfer carts manufactured can be divided into: manual controlled or autonomous movement capabilities, power supply systems; It can be divided into battery, wireless, cable drum and busbar supply.


Classification of transfer cart: according to the track

Rail transfer cars are required to transfer goods regularly from one point to another on a pre-laid rail route, while trackless transfer cars can transfer routes individually and have a high degree of flexibility.


Classification of transfer carts: according to the power supply system

Another important factor in transfer cart handling is the power system; transfer cart handling systems tend to be battery-powered, cable-powered, slip cord-powered, and rail-powered. Battery-powered trucks can operate without wire connection and can be charged; cable-powered carts can get the power needed for handling by dragging cables or cable reels; slip wire-powered systems need to be powered by installing slip wires on the side or in the middle; rail-powered systems must be pre-layed with rail to provide power before operation.


Customized transfer carts on request

In addition to the basic handling table size, power supply system, track and handling capacity, additional devices and functions can be added to the trolley depending on the characteristics of the material to be handled. For example, for rolling coils, “v/u” type shelves can be added to ensure the stability and safety of the coils. For objects that need to be lifted to a certain height, hydraulic lifting devices can be added to the transfer truck platform to allow the product to be lifted to a certain height when needed. For objects that need to be weighed, a weighing function can be added to the transfer cart to display the weight at any time. For other special handling objects and handling needs, custom designs can be integrated into the cart.


With all the customization required for your handling needs, Perfect Transfer Cart Company offers you a more efficient and safe handling solution.

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