Safety Knowledge Of Trackless Electric Flat Car
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Safety Knowledge Of Trackless Electric Flat Car
Date: 2020-04-26

The circuit plug-in points should be checked frequently to prevent weak contact, causing the connection, contact ignition, and heat; to avoid the aging and wear of the circuit and the occurrence of iron short circuit and series electric accidents. The battery will escape flammable gas when charging, so charging must not be carried out in a narrow and sealed environment such as storage rooms and basements to prevent the generation of explosive mixtures.

There are some trackless electric flat cars whose power supply voltage reaches or exceeds 36 volts, which exceeds the safe voltage threshold and is prone to electric shock accidents, so be extra careful. When starting and climbing, you should step on your feet to help prevent excessive starting current and long-term overload of mechanical parts, which may cause overheating and damage to motor coils, lines, batteries and governors, and even cause disasters.

Lithium batteries are the first choice for power supplies, because they have large capacity, low self-consumption and low pollution. Secondly, lead-acid dry batteries have good sealing properties and are not easy to leak electrolyte. It is necessary to prevent pollution, corrosion and damage caused by electrolyte leakage. If the quality is inferior or used for a long time, the temperature of the charger is often very high and it is easy to cause a fire, so don’t take it lightly when charging at night.

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